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Everything is changing

At the end of the 18th century, the steam engine revolutionized production and ushered in the Industrial Revolution. In the decades that followed, electric power, assembly lines and computers all continued to increase efficiency. Now the fourth industrial revolution – the networking of machines, the rise of artificial intelligence and the development of cyber-physical systems – is sure to bring the most radical transformation to the workplace.

First industrial Revolution - steam mechanical machines
Second Industrial Revolution Mass Production
third industrial revolution - coaching - experts
Industrial Revolution Coaching Support

The fourth industrial revolution

More powerful computer processors and increasing digital data transmission bandwidths are the driving forces behind the fourth industrial revolution. Building on the developments introduced by the last industrial revolution, electronic and computer technology applications, the boundaries between our lives and the virtual world are now beginning to blur.

Enabling factors for the fourth industrial revolution:

Nielsen's Law
The bandwidth/speed of network connections doubles every 24 months

Moore's Law
The performance of central processing units CPU's doubles every 18 months

Change or die

Companies founded just a few years ago are capturing significant market share by using new technologies and deploying disruptive innovations, in return putting pressure on entire economic sectors. One thing is for certain, there will be winners and losers. Well-established companies are finding themselves at a crossroad and must transform to succeed.

Facebook Logo

The world's most popular media company does not generate any content.

The world's largest taxi company does not own any vehicles.

The world's largest provider of accommodation does not own any properties.

The world's fastest growing retail company has no own inventory.

The future

If companies want to remain competitive, it is crucial that the advantages of digitization are utilized. There is a broad spectrum of technological opportunities. Investments result exceptionally quickly in impressive cost savings and open up new, innovative growth opportunities for organizations. Specialized partners like us help you to successfully master the digital transformation.

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