Augmented-, Mixed-, Virtual Reality for Business

Reality without limits

Eppenberger Digital AR Virtual Reality

Our reality will have more than one dimension in the future. Augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR) expand our capacities of perception by showing us additional information and objects. And with virtual reality (VR) we can even immerse ourselves in a completely computer-generated simulation.

Data goggles make it all possible

These technologies require data goggles to show us these new dimensions of reality. But users don’t have to spend a lot on expensive equipment. For example, Google offers an inexpensive cardboard VR viewer that you put together yourself. Smartphones can now also be transformed quickly and easily into virtual reality viewers with the help of goggle attachments.

Research full steam ahead

The number of possible applications for these new forms of reality is endless. While technologies like Microsoft HoloLens are still in their infancy, one AR game has taken whole countries by storm: The smartphone game Pokémon Go lets users hunt virtual monsters in the real world.

AR/MR/VR applications for businesses

There are also numerous potential applications for AR/MR/VR in business. DHL is currently testing an augmented reality solution to make information about stored goods easily available to the warehouse staff. There is great potential for field staff, making it possible to efficiently direct employees from the central office. When detailed product presentations and design studies are required, the technology has the potential to increase efficiency in prototyping and redefine user experience.

Demonstrate affinity for digitization

AR/MR/VR technologies are more than just a way for companies to improve efficiency. Their use reflects a role as a digital pioneer and has a positive impact on the company’s image.

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