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Cloud computing involves providing data storage, processing capacity as well as applications and services from a virtual data center. A distinction is made between a public cloud that is accessible over the Internet and private cloud that is operated internally by the company itself through a proprietary architecture. Unlike public clouds, which deliver services to multiple organizations, a private cloud is dedicated to a single organization. Hybrid cloud solutions are also available.

Cloud computing offers companies many advantages

The cloud offers companies numerous benefits, including time and cost savings, since the maintenance and management of their data center can be completely outsourced. Full scalability as well as pricing models that are tailored to individual requirements offer maximum flexibility, not to mention that companies are more flexible when it comes to their choice of applications and providers.

Technological foundation for IoT, Big Data and Analytics

Cloud computing is the technological foundation for trends of the future, such as the Internet of Things, big data and analytics. Without it, most companies would have to make enormous investments in order to benefit from these technological developments.

When every car, refrigerator and medical device begins sending a constant stream of data in the future, local data centers will quickly come up against their limits. Cloud solutions make it possible to create a quickly adaptable infrastructure that can let you reap the full potential of the available data.

One trillion dollars for Cloud Computing

It's not surprising that, according to a study conducted by the analytics firm Gartner, global IT costs for the transition to the cloud will hit the trillion-dollar mark by 2020. Companies realize that they will be unable to use many future technologies without the cloud.

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