CRM Customer Relationship Management

Major digital opportunities for CRM systems

Digitale Transformation Beratung Coaching CRM Customer Relationsship Management

CRM stands for customer relationship management and enables a systematic way of developing customer relations. Software designed for this purpose is generally used to facilitate these activities.

A CRM system organizes contacts and customers as well as enabling sales and marketing staff to save customer contact information centrally. Employees are then able to address the customer individually at every point of contact and based on their current relationship with the company.

CRM with devices & apps

Today’s CRM systems can be quickly and easily integrated with mobile devices, opening up the potential of customer relationship management practically in real-time. In combination with business apps, sales activities can thereby be customized even more.

Cloud-based CRM

Practically no other type of cloud-based software is more common than CRM systems. Software as a service (SaaS) solutions are really booming in this area.

CRM and analytics

Predictive analytics is playing an increasingly important role in CRM systems. This is because well-founded analyses make it possible to understand customer behavior and determine the ideal time to make contact as well as being able to recommend products that are attuned to current needs.

CRM and social media

The term “social CRM” refers to the integration of conventional communication channels with social media channels. This allows customers to manage their contacts with customers on Facebook and other social media platforms and boost customer loyalty through well-targeted campaigns and surveys.

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