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The Internet of Things (IoT) will fundamentally and sustainably change the way we live and work.

As it becomes more common to integrate intelligent microchips in physical objects – known as smart objects or connected things – the boundary between reality and the virtual world continues to blur. The connection of all smart objects as well as the constant stream of data generated by them are the basis of the “industrial Internet”, which harbors impressive economic potential.

This technological development will mean that we will no longer just interact with computers in the strict sense but, rather, with intelligent computers that are embedded in objects.

The rapid miniaturization of computer chips, sensors and storage media is the technical foundation of the Internet of Things and will offer companies a host of possibilities.

IoT technology delivers significant cost savings and increases productivity, particularly for industrial manufacturing and monitoring processes. Integrated microcontrollers make it possible to connect devices to a network and integrate them into a company’s IT infrastructure in a cost-effective way. In return, users can continuously monitor data from machines and systems in real-time, troubleshoot, detect malfunctions right away and optimize maintenance planning.

The networking of complex devices and software optimized to meet specific needs can help companies manage their processes and systems intelligently and gain a significant economic benefit.

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