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Boost productivity with mobile devices and digital apps

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Desktop PCs are stepping aside. According to the American marketing firm comScore, up to 65 percent of digital media is already consumed using mobile devices, and digital apps make up the lion’s share of use.

Endless opportunities thanks to business apps

Companies are increasingly using apps to run their business. A variety of digital apps are supporting their business processes and offer endless possibilities for increasing productivity.

Applications for marketing, sales and controlling

Marketing and sales apps allow sellers to show customers the entire company portfolio and prepare customized quotations just with a few clicks. Integration with CRM systems enables the seamless transfer and updating of customer data. Business intelligence BI is another popular application for business apps. Managers can easily access latest real-time figures at the push of a button.

Wearables for taking blood samples or communicating more efficently

The trend towards mobile devices is not just limited to smartphones and tablets; in recent years, wearables – data goggles or smart watches – have been capturing an increasing share of the market. Wearable technology is a rapidly growing segment. The healthcare sector has recognized the potential of wearables and is investing intensively in research. For example, Google wants to make it possible to take blood samples with a smartwatch. This would make life easier for diabetes or epilepsy patients.

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