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Cost-efficient phone calls over the internet

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Soon all of us will be making phone calls over the Internet. Swisscom is planning to migrate its entire analogue and ISDN network to VoIP technology in 2018. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) makes it possible to make cost-efficient phone calls over IP networks by sending voice packets digitally.

Bandwidth makes it all possible

Just a few years ago, companies were hesitant to use VoIP because they feared failures and malfunctions. But this is no longer a problem thanks to large bandwidths.

Many benefits for businesses

Making the switch offers companies numerous benefits. First of all, IP telephony is much less expensive, and because it only requires the Internet, it saves on infrastructure and management costs. VoIP systems can also usually be managed quickly and easily using a web interface. Because a company’s different sites can access the same system, free calls can also be made internally. It’s also attractive from a business standpoint, since all staff are always reachable at any location using their office number.

Companies should choose carefully

No matter what kind of VoIP solution your company chooses, one thing is for certain: Internet telephony is here to stay. However, you should choose the right provider carefully. There are relatively few obstacles for entering this market, there are now many alternative providers for corporate customers. Some offer terms that are much more attractive than those of the established players, especially for small or medium-sized companies.

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